MFD Token - Meta FIL DAO's community governance token will be used primarily for community governance and will further empower the participants in various scenarios and applications in the DAO organization.
MFD is distributed by the way of“fair launch”which raise no money or other asset. The only way to get MFD is through making contribution to the DAO. The MFD total supply volume is 1,000,000,000 and allocated as following:
40% allocation is for Liquidity Incentive which will be used to continuously reward Liquidity Provider. This reward will decrease 50% every 2 years.
30% allocation is for DAO Treasury which will be used to support the growth of the DAO such as community grant or activities reward.
20% allocation is for Core Team and Initial Developers which will be used to compensate their contribution and build the necessary technology and governance structures.
10% allocation is for Early Supporters which will be distribute to core advisors, initial SPs and institutional LPs etc.