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Meta FIL DAO ("MFIL") is a comprehensive liquidity solution protocol for Filecoin and IPFS networks. MFIL is established and operated in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization ("DAO") and introduces a complete set of DeFi protocols to achieve various functions, including lending, pledging, and stacking.
In MFIL, various participants and stakeholders from the entire Filecoin ecosystem are gathered, including but not limited to: storage providers, FIL holders, contract developers of FVM/EVM, CEX/DEX, digital asset management agencies, legal, and auditing agencies, etc. MFIL is committed to breaking the existing problems of asymmetric information, inefficient resource allocation, and poor asset liquidity, and providing liquidity solutions that maximize value for all participants in the entire Filecoin and IPFS ecosystem.
We believe that a series of Web 3.0 technologies represented by Filecoin and IPFS will build a more just, open, and efficient sub-era of the internet. MFD will play a crucial role in resource coordination and benefit allocation in the entire ecosystem and actively promote the prosperity and development of the entire distributed storage and distributed computing ecosystem.
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