MFIL BUG Bounty Programme

I. Activity rules
The system security of MFIL DAO is the defensive barrier of the MFIL protocol and great effort has been put into the design and auditing of the system. However, as MFIL is a complex and evolving ecosystem, there are still possible vulnerabilities within it that could affect the user experience or system security. As such, MFIL DAO has implemented a bug bounty programme, using dedicated MFD funds to help identify possible bugs and vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and smart contracts. The programme will reward any organisation or individual who helps MFIL improve security.
II. Ways to participate
Anyone who finds an error or vulnerability on MFIL's official website ( or all MFIL's correlation protocols can send a problem report to the DAO organization email address, and we will reward the reporter with MFD tokens based on the accuracy and severity level of the problem report.
If you find a problem, it is recommended that you follow these steps:
1. Report the problem in detail and accurately and send it to: http://[email protected]
2. Do not disclose any information about the issue to any person or organisation outside of the MFIL DAO team.
3. Please do not use this issue for personal gain.
4. Please do not attack our systems or protocols.
*Note: In addition to the regular problem report, you can increase the reward by adding information such as a description of the problem, a description of the reproduced problem and a solution (optional).
Campaign Period: 1 June 2023 - Permanent
III. Reward content
Submitted issues will be judged on severity according to the following criteria, and those who report meeting the criteria will receive the corresponding MFD rewards:
●C level vulnerability
Issues that may lead to user dissatisfaction or minor technical failures. 500 MFD will be awarded.
● B Level Vulnerability
Issues that may result in a minor loss of less than 0.1% of the agreement's funds, disrupt the status of the agreement, or result in serious user dissatisfaction or moderate technical failure. Awarded 2000 MFD.
● A Level Vulnerability
An issue that could result in an immediate loss of 0.1% of the protocol funds < X < 10% or a serious disruption to the protocol status. Awarded 5000 MFD.
●S Level Vulnerability
An issue that could result in an immediate loss of 10% or more of protocol funds or permanently corrupt the protocol state. Awarded 10,000 MFD or more.
IV. Other
Once we receive your report, we reply to your report as soon as possible and keep your report strictly confidential. If the problem report you provide is genuine and valid, you will be named as a successful bounty hunter for that issue and we follow up with you with an update on the status and resolution of the problem you submitted.
MFIL DAO appreciates all acts that help us make MFIL as safe as possible!