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How to transfer FIL from address f1 to address 0x of MetaMask

Method 1: Use FoxWallet wallet to transfer
1.1 Install FoxWallet App
FoxWallet wallet download link:
1.2 After downloading and installing FoxWallet, open the FoxWallet App
1.3 Click "Create wallet" to set the wallet password
1.4 Record wallet private key
1.5 Verify wallet private key
1.6 Check to support the public chain, Filecoin is checked by default, click the upper right corner to complete the wallet creation
1.7 Choose to switch to the Filecoin public chain
1.8 Click "Receive" to view the receiving address, and transfer to this address from the f1 address holding FIL
1.9 After transferring to the account, send it to the 0x address of MetaMask to complete the transfer
Method 2: At present, the Okex exchange supports withdrawal to the 0x/f4 wallet, and the Okex exchange is used to transfer
2.1 You can withdraw/transfer from other exchanges and wallets to the Okex exchange
2.2 Withdraw MetaMask's 0x wallet from the Okex exchange